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Ideas, tools, behavioural psychology and practical philosophy from Day Crafting that you can put into practice ...


Day: Saturday.
Time: Just about 6:47 pm
Chronorhythm: Early rebound.
Good time for: Phone calls, emails, writing, family.
Day Crafting activity: Schedule down time to avoid pull of unnecesary screen time.

Based on a finch chronotype day of 7am to 11pm.

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Day Crafting Tailored Workshops

Day Crafting workshops are practical; as with any craft, workshop participants should be able to pick up useful skills and life-changing insights in even the shortest time. Workshops also include accessible content covering related theories and psychology but it is in support of the experiential focus.

Illustration of a group holding a workshop in a circle under some trees in a garden.

Workshops tackle problems or unmet needs common to most of us, for example.

  • How to balance days and develop a flourishing life without having to crash on the sofa every weekend.
  • How to find more energy, more free time and still be productive in a culture where this isn’t standard practice.
  • Finding out who I am away from work, making self-care and rest much richer and life-affirming.
  • How to make a good life the craftsperson’s way, working to improve typical performance.
  • Flourishing through the skilled use of time rather than circumstance, possessions or status.

Day Crafting workshops can adapt to a range of group sizes. They can happen in-person or over zoom and take different lengths of time depending on the skills you want to develop. They can include a mix of group work, self-study and 1:1 development sessions.

Day Crafting is a big subject taking in work and rest, schedules, productivity, habit and rule of life concepts. At it’s core is the simple idea of balancing our days so that we improve our energy and wellbeing as well as our productivity and personal growth. Workshops can start with the basics for a general audience or be focussed around more specialised topics.

A great way to tailor a workshop is to get in touch with me and we can work out the specific details for your situation. Send me a message through the contact form below. Or you can put together any selection from the module subjects below

  1. Practical steps for working daily with signature strengths.
  2. Working with your energy and circadian rhythm.
  3. Active rest, self-care and managing energy.
  4. Enabling daily meaningful progress.
  5. Developing intention, mindset and resilience.
  6. Blueprints, scheduling and taming busyness.
  7. Balancing deep work with active rest for overall wellbeing.
  8. Applying craftwork rhythms and values to modern work-life.
  9. Reframing problems and constructed learning.
  10. Foundational process and practice systems.
  11. Applying design thinking to personal development.
  12. Designing memorable moments and a positive life story.
  13. Daily progress on character and personality shaping.
  14. How to become time rich.
  15. Understanding our daily need for connection.
  16. Habit and ritual and rule of life.
  17. Exploring purpose and mission in the context of daily practice.
  18. Working culture and stakeholder engagement using Day Crafting.
  19. Habits, change and behaviour, the psychology of Day Crafting.
  20. Making the best working-from-home days possible.

Workshop based on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course
The existing Day Crafting Apprentice Course can be adapted into a workshop format. The course is described on this site but there is also a PDF available for download here which can be used by workshop organisers.

Professional and business consultancy
There is a PDF document for download that presents first thoughts around how Day Crafting can engage with professional contexts and business.

The Practice

If you’re interested in hosting a tailored Day Crafting workshop for your business, organisation or group, please get in contact with me below.

Written by Bruce Stanley on Fri, November 19, 2021

Previous entries

Introductory Workbook – Learn Day Crafting at your own pace

Here is the first in a new Apprentice Series of Day Crafting workbooks. This works as a standalone course or as a compliment to the Day Crafting Apprentice Course – or as a refresher if you’ve completed the Day Crafting Apprentice Course. Further workbooks are available here.

In this post you will find some photos from the workbook, a free sample to download containing a range of example pages and a link to buy the book.

Mon November 01 2021

Get Your Day Crafting Five A Day

What five things could you craft into every day to help your life flourish? This simple intervention goes to the heart of the Day Crafting philosophy – the good life is more days with time for these activities. The ingredients for a good life are simple, the challenge is intentionally making time for them and giving them our attention.

Fri June 04 2021

School holiday Day Crafting primer for children

How can Day Crafting help your children structure their days when they’re on holiday from school? Answering the question, ‘What do you want to do today?’ can be quite a cognitive challenge. My daughter is 10 and we’re experimenting with this tool (which we’ve co-adapted) to provide some inspiration.

Sat May 29 2021

Reset your days to your internal clock

Imagine a clock that told you personally when it was your best time during the day to do certain tasks – such as the optimum time to do analytical thinking or to have a difficult conversation. The best time to eat carbohydrates or to drive or to have sex. This clock could be fairly specific and handle conditions, for example it could tell you when to exercise to perform at your best, or to lose weight or to raise your mood, or to build strength or avoid injury (each of these conditions would give a different time). It could give you a surprisingly long list of optimum timings – like the best time to make a sale or take medicine, to learn something, to drink alcohol, visit the dentist, solve creative problems and get out into the sunshine, to go first – or not, to work on through or to take a break. And unsurprisingly, when to get up and when to go to bed.

Thu April 22 2021

How To Think Like A Day Crafter

I’m fortunate enough to be in control of my schedule, so why does the 9 to 5 work ethic, amongst other influences, still loom and glower over my thinking? I feel like a long departed influential industrialist striking a pose like Isambard Kingdom Brunel is shaping my choices. Along with him is a sports (or business) coach who talks about goals and winning and success. I think there is a capitalist media mogul in there too, pushing rumours and feeding worries about insecurities that I can purchase my way out of.

Fri March 19 2021

The problem with business goals and imagining the future

Why is Day Crafting primarily concerned with shaping today, this day as the way to a good life?

I began coaching leaders almost 20 years ago in the context of their skills development, quality of life and ambitions. I noticed that nearly everyone could easily imagine exciting future goals. I was part of a programme that took executives through a deep visioning process and at the end they knew this: where I want to be in x months or x years time. However, almost none of them knew how to affect the quality of the day they were actually in and most goals were dropped a matter of weeks later. The part of our thinking that imagines the future is no match for the identity and behaviour part that dominates the present.

Fri March 05 2021

The best way to design a new behaviour

I know a ‘lean systems’ expert. Her job, in aerospace manufacturing is to observe processes in factories and work out how to make them more efficient. This involves changing the position of machines and materials and the flow of materials around the space. Crucially it involves changing people: their ideas, their habits and practices, but people don’t like change.

Fri February 12 2021

Redesigning rest and unlocking energy use

Given that the human brain is constantly monitoring our energy budget and predicting our energy use and attempting to get us to balance output with restoration, it is perverse, but not altogether out of character, that the part of our brain that thinks it runs the show should come up with a notion such as, ‘I’ll rest when I’m dead’. Sometimes we choose to believe the dumbest ideas.

Fri February 05 2021

Crafting freedom from the hidden rules we allow to govern us

Last Wednesday the power went off. It was planned. Someone from the power company told us this was going to happen from 9am with power back estimated at 4.30pm. So, as a family all at home in lockdown we scheduled a special day of doing a lot of unplugged things. Including going for a walk after lunch.

When we got back at 2.30 the power was back on early ... so what did we do?

Fri January 22 2021

Setting intentions – the Day Crafting tool you’ll use most

Have you heard of a stitching pony? Every craft has ubiquitous tools, the potter’s wheel, the smith’s anvil, the carver’s chisel – and the leatherworker has the stitching pony which is used to grip the material. To the Day Crafter the tool used most often has to be intention setting.

Fri January 15 2021