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How can you benefit from
1:1 guidance?

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If you're serious about learning any craft, getting expert input and perspective is hugely valuable. A good conversation feels like you're getting unstuck and you see possibilities that you couldn't before – and you'll discover a simpler path forward.

I talk a lot about doing what you're ready for but that isn't always easy to see yourself. A good guide won't tell you what to do but will help you see the path for yourself and challenge any barriers you may have put in your way. Often you'll hear what you already know; doubts will go. Daily practice will become refocussed.

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Whenever I talk to my guides I feel lighter and more motivated. My identify (my sense of confidence and self-belief) can be strengthened just by being listened to properly. The quality of my craftwork improves as I shift from forced effort to skilful practice. When I design and craft better days, I have better outcomes.

An alternative methodology

Day Crafting differs from the typical territory of coaching (hoping for big changes and defining ambitious goals). For many people this framework doesn't work. A lot of goal and plan based coaching is actually counterproductive. It can lower your chances of 'winning', postpone happiness, bring about only momentary changes and if you 'win' trigger an end to the very practice that made the difference.

The evidence that persuades me says that what motivates adults to develop is a creative, problem-oriented perspective where experiments can be tried immediately and where change is cumulative and every day contains balance and flourishing.

We can either dream dreams we'll never arrive at because we de-emphasise the practice required – or accept that the behavioural, here-and-now is where we live and reorientate ourselves to crafting when matters most – now, today.

The system of practice is what makes the difference.

It holds greater power and possibility than a goal or a plan.

This is simple and effective but it isn't easy;  it is the craftsperson's journey of daily practice. Day Crafting is designed for the workshop of our lives. It turns the development of skills into steps the apprentice selects when they're ready – it is much better suited than most coaching models at supporting effective learning and growth. Becoming a (behavioural) Day Crafter can be freeing, empowering and energising if you've found that alternative (future achievement) methods don't work for you.

If you're a coach or work in personal development and want to find out about guiding apprentices using Day Crafting, enquire below.


I feel privileged to have worked with Bruce. The Day Crafting idea has proven to be substantial, thoroughly researched and challenging. Bruce is passionate about the subject and delivers guidance with compassion and humour. The tools have the potential to create not just quick fixes, but real long term value. Ian Gregory.

The concept of Day Crafting grabbed my attention when I was feeling frustrated and rather overwhelmed by all the apparent stumbling blocks and difficulties that littered each day, getting in the way of anything I could recognise as meaningful steps in my chosen direction. I can thoroughly recommend it! Lynda Winn.

Amidst all this crazy busy-ness I have found day crafting unbelievably helpful – it has given me tools to carve out time for peace and creativity which has meant I haven't felt overwhelmed, which I previously would have done. Emma Mayor.

My Role

  • I work as a guide or catalyst not as a teacher or instructor.
  • I am accompanying you on YOUR journey, I don't choose the path.
  • I'll help you work out what you're ready for next.
  • My emphasis will be on helping you construct an effective system of practice.

My experience ...

... comes from 20+ years of coaching, facilitation, adult education and behavioural change product development. I'm qualified as a counsellor, coach and as a teacher of adults in further and higher education. I have thousands of hours of individual and group work exploring personal development, creativity, innovation, leadership and positive psychology.

But Day Crafting is new. As you'll read elsewhere on this site, it is my response to the challenge of providing a better personal development path – and of course it draws on alternative practices of the craftsperson's journey and rule of life – both of which have a long pedigree.

What is an experienced Day Crafter like after practice and guidance?

Day Crafting settles into a constantly evolving practice of working with what is, not starting from scratch. The dynamic work of Day Crafting is a matter of course corrections and improvements to a vessel that has already set sail. It is not about future goals and delayed achievements but small-wins and meaningful progress which builds towards extraordinary objectives. The day is enjoyed for its own merits and this is what adds up to the good life.

As skills develop, so does our capacity to repeat practices with less effort. With greater skill, less effort achieves more. The system holds great power and possibility.

“Confront the difficult when it is still easy; accomplish the great task by a series of small acts.” Tao Te Ching.

“The future depends on what you do today.” Mahatma Gandhi

Living your days well, living them skilfully, rewards you with a sense of pride and strengthens a positive identity. Every day that you make meaningful progress begins to feel energising, empowering and freeing. What about today?

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Subsequent sessions are at an introductory price of £50 and last around an hour and can happen remotely via video or audio call.