Day Crafting. Testimonials, reviews and endorsements from participants on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course.

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From participants on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Emily Denham, Emily Denham

Emily Denham
Senior NHS Service Manager

I feel that I am just beginning.

I came to Day Crafting and Bruce’s approach, at a point in my life of transition, transformation and chaos. Day Crafting has supported me to negotiate a deep sense of disorientation. It has empowered me to craft my days so that I can maintain balance in the chaos.

I can be fulfilled in even the most mundane of tasks and manage my tendency to feel overwhelmed when I am not in control. And most importantly I am able to notice, pay attention and savour the moments of joy and happiness that had previously gotten lost in my constant ‘doing’.

Anna Macdonald, Day Crafting Apprentice Course participant

Anna Macdonald
Artist and Teacher

A goldmine of wisdom, experience and practical tools

Bruce’s course is a goldmine of wisdom, experience and practical tools to help craft your days. Living a more intentional life, not a busier life was my goal when I joined the course and Bruce offered so much useful information to help me achieve this.

The course provides support to create better daily habits and Bruce shares a range of ‘tools’ that best fit our needs. Bruce’s generosity is such that I have plenty of material to reflect on for months to come. Thank you, Bruce.

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Maya Bimson, Day Crafting Apprentice Course participant

Maya Bimson
Retired, busy and creative

Well thought through, interesting and beautifully produced

If you want to live with intention – try Day Crafting.

I decided to do Bruce Stanley’s Day Crafting course because, having retired, I found myself, for the first time in my life, with a bit of time on my hands.  It was not that I could not find things to fill the time with – I am never bored – but I wanted to be more intentional about how I used my time. I wanted to craft the life I wanted rather than just drift into a different sort of busyness.

The course was excellent! The combination of interesting people doing it, together with the ideas that were generated, was perfect for helping to shape my own thinking and practice. What sets this course apart from others is partly the concept – Bruce uses the tools and disciplines of crafting to help shape and reflect on one’s life – but also the superb course material. The material is well thought through, interesting and beautifully produced – crafted in short!  And it is worth doing the course for that alone.

A few months on, I can definitely say Day Crafting has helped me live more intentionally.

Ruth Adams, Recent participant on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Ruth Adams
Coach and Trauma Therapist

I thoroughly enjoyed it

Just a quick message to say thanks so much for the brilliant Day Crafting course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really helpful. Some excellent tools and ideas and the ‘Memorable Day’ experiment was amazing with many highlights, learnings and lessons. For me, the main take away was that I’m actually doing better than I thought!

Linda Winn, Recent participant on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Linda Winn
Eco living and sustainability advocate

Really helped me refocus my days

The complete change in structure, focus and content of my days during lockdown has made space for a complete review of my priorities and how I spend my time.  The concept of Day Crafting grabbed my attention when I was feeling frustrated and rather overwhelmed by all the apparent stumbling blocks and difficulties that littered each day, getting in the way of anything I could recognise as meaningful steps in my chosen direction.

I am now half way though the 6 week course and can thoroughly recommend it!

This has really helped me refocus my days. I gave myself lots of pats on the head for following my intuition to come on this course. Its just what I needed.

It’s given me a completely different framework to start moving in a different way.

Charlie Ewer, recent participant on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Charlie Ewer
Occupational Therapy Clinical Lead, Bristol

Changed my life dramatically

Bruce Stanley ran a course which I stumbled on at the worst time of my life. His approach changed my life dramatically. I really recommend having a read of his new website intro. Just reading it has shifted something for me already! Bruce Stanley you are bloody brilliant.

rosie freeman, participant on the Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Rosie Freeman
Shiatsu practitioner and mind-body coach

Would definitely recommend

I throughly enjoyed the Day Crafting course with Bruce. As a mum of 3 and running two small businesses I often find my days just fill up, and I end up feeling overwhelmed and having very little time for what I would actually like to be doing. Taking some time out to better understand myself and how to ‘craft’ my days has been really helpful.

I made what feels a very radical step of scheduling in a 2 hour lunch break including a nap and a walk which has actually made me far more productive. I wouldn’t have even considered this an option before doing the course.

Would definitely recommend. 

Matt Freer, Participant on Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Matt Freer
Project Manager

Create life giving daily rhythms

The Day Crafting apprentice course is excellent. Bruce will help you journey through a process that is thoroughly researched, engagingly presented and passionately practiced. It has helped me create life giving daily rhythms and confidence in how to best schedule my days for work, rest and play.

The simple art of setting an intention for the day can lead into a day that feels more giving and constructive. It feels like there is so much more to learn through the art of practicing Day Crafting… and that makes for exciting days ahead!

emma major, participant on Day Crafting Apprentice Course

Emma Major
Pioneer Minister, Poet, Blind Wheelchair Driver and Mental Health Advocate

Empowers me to make the very best of the time I have available

For several years I have been trying to focus on living in the day, mindfully and prayerfully; reducing the impact of stress or regret which living in the future and past can steal from today.

I heard about Day Crafting and it’s focus on making “today a masterpiece” and thought it could give me new tools to help me improve my life day to day.

By the end of the first training session on zoom I knew that the Day Crafting tools of setting intentions for each day would work well for me. It embraces the opportunity to make intentions of time for prayer and creativity, time for rest and relaxation and time to connect with those I often couldn’t make time for, including myself.

Over the course of the six week course my day to day life improved from one governed by to do lists, to one where each hour was valued and designed to benefit my intentions; giving me more focus, connection, creativity and peace than I would have thought possible.

I love to learn, I’ve done lots of courses. This is the course I’ve spoken to more people about than anything I’ve done in years. And I’m able to explain it in ways that makes them go, wow that sounds cool.

Over the last few months, during a pandemic and whilst catching Covid, I have applied the Day Crafting principles every day. I have started each morning by setting my intentions and designing my day, not in a regimented way but one which empowers me to make the very best of the time I have available. I then end each day reviewing the progress I have made for others, in my family and for myself, in gratitude and celebration.

Day crafting has given me tools to carve out time for peace and creativity which has allowed me to feel purposeful without overwhelmed, something I would never have thought possible.

Huge thanks go to Bruce for the way he leads the course with a balance of information, discussion and reflection; I am sure this course would benefit anyone who is looking to find purpose in every day.

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