Day Crafting – Workbooks for self guided practice for the everyday art of making a good life.

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A fantastic reference for learning Day Crafting at your own pace.

Day Crafting

Day Crafting is like any craft – with a little experience you can make something rewarding and enjoy the process. If you want to take your practice further, then you can specialise.

The Introductory Workbook gets you started and the specialist workbooks take your practice deeper towards expertise.

These workbooks are extremely practical. There are plenty of theory books out there but it is only behaviour change and practice that will get you results. The workbooks cut out long explanations and focus on the interventions and practical exercises. Which means there are more actionable ideas in these slim volumes than in five standard theory books on comparable subjects.

Each of the interventions has been developed and refined with Day Crafting Apprentices.

The workbooks focus on getting you as fast as possible to the experiential working surface.

If you're new to Day Crafting, start here. Or buy the Introductory Workbook together with one of the specialist workbooks below.

Day Crafting: The Introductory Workbook

Foundations for the daily practice of making a good life

  • Making daily meaningful progress
  • Developing an intentional practice
  • Working with your energy and mind-set

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introductory workbook

The following specialist workbooks build on content from The Introductory Workbook

Buy them idividually or with the Introductory Workbook.

Day Crafting: The Body-clock Workbook

Designing days and harnessing the power of your chronobiology

  • The extraordinary benefits of scheduling
  • The when-to-do list and the power of your chrono-profile
  • Designing remarkable days and memorable moments

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body-clock workbook

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Day Crafting: The Productivity Workbook

Crafting practice and purpose for work and productivity

  • Implementing process systems to produce results
  • Applying craftwork rhythms to modern work-life
  • Enabling productivity with rest and play

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productivity workbook

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Day Crafting: The Self-care Workbook

Active rest and wellbeing for everyday flourishing

  • Pairing deep work with effective rest
  • Improving self-care mindset and processing stress
  • Wellbeing of mind and body for today and the future

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self care workbook

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Day Crafting: The Change Workbook

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