Day Crafting Today / Introductory Workbook – Learn Day Crafting at your own pace.

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Introductory Workbook – Learn Day Crafting at your own pace

Here is the first in a new Apprentice Series of Day Crafting workbooks. This works as a standalone course or as a compliment to the Day Crafting Apprentice Course – or as a refresher if you’ve completed the Day Crafting Apprentice Course. Further workbooks are available here.

In this post you will find some photos from the workbook, a free sample to download containing a range of example pages and a link to buy the book.

Inside page image of the Day Crafting Introductory Workbook

Photos of some of the exercises from the workbook.

a photo of pages from Day Crafting The Introductory Workbook

a photo of pages from Day Crafting The Introductory Workbook

a photo of pages from Day Crafting The Introductory Workbook

Download a free sample of Day Crafting: The Introductory Workbook.

Click here to download the PDF: Day Crafting The Introductory Workbook preview pdf

To buy the workbook

The workbook costs £12.75 is available direct from this site or from your country’s Amazon.

Or you can buy The Introductory Workbook at a discount together with one of the specialist workbooks here.

Written by Bruce Stanley on Mon, November 01, 2021

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