Day Crafting Today / Monthly Apprentice Practice Set.

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The next Apprentice Course starts in 62 days

Monthly Apprentice Practice Set

MAPS is a monthly open workshop space for Day Crafting Apprentices to gather (over zoom). It is part action learning and part masterclass. It is a good way to develop and deepen your skills with the support of a leaning community. It feels like being in a warm and friendly workshop where fellow Apprentices are pleased to see you and find out how you’re doing.

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The Community of Day Crafting Apprentices

Over time, we get to hear about what we’re all using Day Crafting to do and encourage each other through our challenges. I think a lot of us want to support and care for each other and get as much out of that as we do having our own problems listened to.

If you’ve completed the Day Crafting: The Introductory Workbook or the Apprentice Course you can join MAPS, which stands for Monthly Apprentice Practice Set. The idea came directly from Apprentices finishing previous courses. Lots of people had the same request: can we carry on meeting to continue learning in community?

Joining MAPS is really simple. Get in touch with me, and I can send you more details. It happens at 7.30 pm UK time every second Monday of the month.

If you’d like to join but don’t yet qualify, you can buy the Day Crafting: The Introductory Book here and jump into MAPS once you’ve worked through the book.

What Apprentices say ...

Dear fellow apprentices – you have come to the end of the initial course, it’s such a great journey isn’t it? But it doesn’t need to end. MAPS is a forum to learn new concepts, listen to others’ stories and support and challenge each other to hone our skills. It’s a relief to have wise people around you who struggle as well as have breakthroughs. Give it a go and progress your Day Crafting, which simply does give a more lovely quality to each day. Jan

I’d recommend MAPS to all Apprentices. Its a really helpful way of continuing the journey. As well as learning new insights and practices from others, it provides an opportunity for you to share what you’re learning and it is a great marker in the diary to help embed Day Crafting into your daily life. Matt

I’m finding MAPS really useful! Knowing I have the meeting helps to keep me focussed on using the tools from the course. I’m really enjoying meeting Apprentices from other courses and hearing everybody’s reflections on their month. Bruce, as always, offers some really helpful reflections and new tools or thinking, making a really rich experience. Tina

I love meeting people that have completed Bruce’s course. There is so much richness to our discussions, we have fun exploring together, it’s great to be part of a community that is gradually changing stuff! The sessions keeps me on track and give me loads of new ideas as well as a chance to ask questions and be inspired – and keep my energy levels up about how vital it is for me to live life in a crafted way. I love it! Charlie

I have found it extremely useful in forming a social connection with fellow Day Crafters to review our practices and experience along with any issues that crop up in life. The monthly meetings help me reflect on the practice and improve my understanding of how best to deal with any challenges. There is the added bonus of new content and the expert help and advice from Bruce.  Neil

These sessions allow me to review my practice with other Apprentices, receive their feedback and also benefit from their experiences. Bruce also offers great new material to us each month, building on the Apprentice Course. I value being able to make this Day Crafting journey in the company of others. Luci

Written by Bruce Stanley on Tue, August 30, 2022

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