Day Crafting Today / Redefined riches, the true currencies of your day.

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Redefined riches, the true currencies of your day

It might feel like you’re making it up as you go along, but that’s not really true. Beneath our actions and choices are rules we follow to make decision-making easier and save cognitive bandwidth (some refer to these, laudably, as values). Much of this habitual functionality is fine, but if you wonder how you got so tired or stressed or so far away from what seems meaningful in your days – this automatic behaviour could be the place to Day Craft.

One way into this is to consider the desire for happy, fulfilling (even flourishing) days. Then to see the link between your choices and the resources your automatic-self is trying to preserve or accumulate. For simplicity’s sake, imagine three resources: money, time and energy. Due to influences like our upbringing, societal norms, and personal circumstances, many of us lean heavily towards one or two of these resources. And your inclination towards these resources directly shapes the quality and contentment of your days. My upbringing stressed money (security, scarcity, safety, options) as the most influential resource. My education and society have taught me to prioritise money in my decision-making but it has said far less about using my energy or, even more importantly, my time wisely.

It was only when I started to re-orient my behavioural rules towards time and energy that I found the objective (happier, fulfilling days) easier to reach (wise use of time and energy are critical components of wellbeing). Many people find that their productivity increases when they prioritise their time and energy rather than make decisions (albeit nonconsciously) based on money and resource scarcity.

This topic often comes up in MAPS, the Monthy Apprentice Practice Set. And I’ve written about it in the soon-to-be-published Self-care Workbook. The real challenge is rewriting your rules to get to where your habitual decisions result in the days you want – where you feel less stressed, more fulfilled and have plenty of energy for tomorrow. I would, of course, say that Day Crafting was a good way to do that.

Written by Bruce Stanley on Fri, August 18, 2023

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